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Kim Da Ru Street Ishinomaki District
taken by US military doctor, 1951

(temporary English Translation)

 Kimpira street, where Satomi head office and Mikiya head office used to be, connects the former back town (Omachi) street with the former Nakamachi Street, the river bank of the former Kitakami River. The street history dates back to the Edo era and was called "Yagiya Dingo" on the way to Ishinomaki Nakamachi and "Minamura Tamachi / Honmachi" on the other side of the former Kitakami River on the way to "Nakamachi".  

When the Utsumi bridge came over in the Meiji era, when a fish market opened in Nakase, fresh fish traders and Kamaboko (Kamaboko) traders gathered, and the Ishinomaki's kitchen as Ishinami Town · boiled town with "Sarukoya side street" It will be a town to cover. 

In March 1951, Mr. Kiyosaku Kikuchi in the town became the promoter and worshiped Shinko's Kaneda Rira (Shrine) Shrine, and in the residence on the south side of the street Kim Dora Shrine (Ishinomaki Small old former worship residence reuse) established. We will revise the street name with the approval of the town and neighborhood. 

The luxurious gate at the entrance to the street was established in early April. The upper line is "Shinshan Kanpira-dori", the pillars on both sides are read as "entrance to Gala Dragon shrine full of fruitful harvest", "Shopping is in this city of sincere and inexpensive", expectation to the new town name, spirit You can feel it. Sakurai clothing store on the right side of the entrance, Chrysanthu shop on the fresh fish character, "Kimura shop" on the left (after furniture store). 

The concrete well below the left gate is the old well well known in the old backyard. In the Boshin war, former shogunate army soldiers who missed Enomoto fleet headed to Hakodate were executed by the new government forces. In the vicinity of this well, there is a sad history that became the place of the two prisoners' heads of the city along with the Hijokoji high-bid place. 

The width of the road is different near the well, and it is a town border. The wide road in front of the well is the old back street, the narrower one is the old middle side, the end is Ishiyama of Gomatsuyama. (Regional historian / Seiji Hemi) 
※ U.S. military doctor took 1951, Ishinomaki district <4> Omako Beach and bay

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米軍医が撮った1951、石巻地方<5> 金毘羅通り

 通り入り口の豪華な門は、4月上旬に設置。上段は「肴町 金比羅通」、両側の柱は「五穀豊穣(ほうじょう) 大漁満船 金毘羅神社入口」、「お買物は誠実と廉価の此の街で」と読め、新町名への期待、心意気が感じ取れます。入り口右側はサクライ洋品店、鮮魚の文字は菊清商店、左側は「木村商店」(後の家具店)。

※米軍医が撮った1951、石巻地方<4> 大曲浜と入り江
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